Personalized guest amenities add a special touch to your guest bathroom and establishment.  It can be great for marketing or just making sure that your amenities look just the way you want them to


 The methods of personalization we use are:
  Printing directly onto the packaging (min 2000 units per product per order)

 Flexo/high quality labels (min 2000 units per product which can be spread over multiple orders)

Digital/medium quality labels (min 1000 labels total per order)


The cost of personalizing your product depends upon the following factors:
Personalization method that you choose

Number of different products you want to personalize

Quantity of product for first and repeat orders

Number of colours


If you are interested in personalizing your guest amenities, please send an email to and include the following:
High-res jpeg of your logo

List of products that you want to personalize eg:  shampoo, shower cap, 25gm soap etc

The Collection that you want to personalize

First order quantity & monthly/quarterly order quantities thereafter

Contact Us Today:

(082) 652 8088


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